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Words from our Clients


"We feel you (HNS) are in business to help people, who are in need of assistance, and their families. ...when you looked out for my mother when we were out of town, you even went to Brush to see her. We were astonished at your caring! As our "next of kin," you have done everything needed, and more, meeting with us for breakfast and at our home, so everything was discussed personally. We feel very fortunate to have you and your services available to us! We believe in you completely."     B.H., daughter

"I am enclosing some prints of a photo I took two years ago and then misplaced. When I showed it to my former boss, she exclaimed that my mother was 'a poster child for aging-in-place.' And so she is, thanks to you and Gordon and the rest of the staff at Human Network Systems."    M.B., daughter

"Gordon Wolfe personally defused a dangerous health care situation by helping me get the care my grandparents desperately needed but had no capacity to get for themselves. Their (HNS) innovative solutions to difficult end-of-life issues helped me give my grandparents the quality of life they earned. I just hope that when my time comes and I need assistance in my old age there will be people available who can help me as much as Human Network Systems helped my grandparents."    M.M., grandson

"My assessment gave me the opportunity to speak personally to participants in the elder care process, both professionals and family members of those involved, family members who were unstinting in their praise of HNS."   A.S., Consultant

"Thank you so much for your time and concerns last week--not to mention coming out in such horrible weather. My brother and sister and I are meeting to discuss options. You really helped in bringing a lot of options to the forefront."   F.O., daughter

"Thank you for all the help you've given me. I really don't know where I'd be without you. All of you have really been good to me."   D.H., client

"If all cases were easy, there would be little need for professional fiduciaries or case managers. Family members and/or close friends would care for elderly individuals, and the elderly would live out their lives in dignity cared for by loved ones. When that is not possible however, professional fiduciaries and case managers become essential. These individuals perform a difficult, time-consuming job, often under trying circumstances. They do make a positive difference in people's lives."   M.O., Eldercare Attorney.

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