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 Selecting a Care Manager


What to look for in a geriatric care manager?

Selecting the right professional to assist in caring for an elderly or disabled parent or family member is an important task. The care manager is serving as your eyes and ears, so it is important that you have confidence in his or her abilities and experience. When speaking with geriatric care managers in person or on the phone, remember to ask questions.

  • Are they knowledgeable in the area in which you need assistance?
  • How available are they? Is there 24 hour on-call coverage for emergencies or crisis intervention? Are calls returned promptly?
  • What are the credentials and experience of the staff?
  • Are they willing to work with the systems already involved with caring for the older person?
  • Is there a clearly defined care plan?
  • Is there a clearly defined fee agreement?
  • How are the level of services to be determined and provided?
  • Does personality or "style" of the organization fit with your family member/client?

Good communication is vital to a satisfying and beneficial relationship between you and the care manager you have chosen. It is important to establish a clearly defined pattern of communication.

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