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Care Managers with Human Network Systems (HNS) are professionals who specialize in assisting elderly and disabled persons and their families in identifying and meeting their long-term care needs. Staff members have training in gerontology, social work, nursing, and/or counseling. They have extensive knowledge about the costs, quality, and availability of elder care services or services for disabled individuals in the Denver area.

HNS can provide any or all of the following services:

Consultations - Often elderly or disabled individuals and families experience short-term problems or situational crises, which can be addressed more quickly and effectively through the use of a professional consultant. One or more individualized sessions with a member of our professional staff will help identify problems and provide options for problem resolution.

Care Management - In situations where individuals of families require on-going assistance, use of Professional Care Management services may be indicated. A Care Manager continually assesses the needs of the client, develops and implements a plan of care, and coordinates and monitors various aspects of daily living. Care Managers work closely in a team effort with family, guardians, and other professionals to assure that ongoing needs of the client are met and necessary tasks are accomplished. The Care Manager involves the client in decision-making as appropriate, according to the client's abilities. Care Management Services may be short-term, lasting only a few months, or can be long-term if needed.

Advanced Planning Services - This option is for individuals or couples who have no available family and who want to plan in advance for decision-making when the need arises. With the assistance of the client's attorney, this process establishes methods to carry out personal wishes at a designated future time. HNS can serve as an individual's chosen agent in a Health Care Power of Attorney or can be part of other plans to carry out individual instructions for the future.

Evaluations and Needs Assessment - An evaluation by a member of our professional staff includes a comprehensive needs assessment, which will help clients and families recognize special needs and concerns as well as identify options for problem solving. This individualized process may include a home evaluation, one or more client interviews, contact with care providers, and a review of appropriate documents and written materials. An elderly or disabled person's physical and mental health as well as environmental conditions and financial situation are all considered when performing an evaluation.

Coordination of Needed Services - After identifying current needs, care managers coordinate available community resources and provide ongoing monitoring to ensure that the needs of clients are met. Care managers also provide crisis intervention and act as liaisons between healthcare providers and the client and his or her family members.

Financial Services - HNS can assist clients in budgeting and bill paying on a short-term or long-term basis, including situations involving spending down to Medicaid eligibility. In addition, we can become conservator, trustee, or agent under a power of attorney when no other realistic options are available.

Long-Distance Care Giving - Utilizing our years of experience in national networks of eldercare professionals, we can assist families in finding resources and providers to help arrange care and services for loved ones elsewhere in the country. In addition, pre-trip consultation with our staff will help family members to maximize the productive use of time and quickly identify problems when they visit family members out of state.

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